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Luv Clowns


Luv Clowns will release their debut album, Love Clowns!, for Goner Records on November 23, 2010. Luv Clowns are destined to be your new favorite kids’ music band, whether you have retained a sense of childlike wonder or are surrounded by your own ankle-biters.

This is the first release by Goner Jr., the newly established children's music imprint of independent label, Goner Records. Zac Ives (co-owner) explains, "I've got two kids, I know how bad kids music usually is. This was completely different. I found myself humming it the rest of the day - and my kids went absolutely bonkers for it. We figured this needed to come out -- why not do it ourselves?"

Luv Clowns boast a roster that reads like a who’s-who of Memphis musicians: Harlan T. Bobo as "Bobo," "Professor," Doug Easley (Cat Power), Alex "Cow Cow" Greene (Reigning Sound), and "Timot" T. Prudhomme (Fuck). Dressing up as clowns when they play live, the band delights big and small listeners with their ramshackle collection of tunes of memorable melodies, psychedelic effects and enough goofy charm to fill a thousand red wagons. Even the silly skits between the songs are enjoyable!

A highlight from the album is the campy, catchy “K-I-D-S,” which features a learned professor explaining why we’re all here. Download “K-I-D-S" here
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