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The Builders And The Butchers confirm tour dates including supporting The Helio Sequence on the west coast following their recent release of a new 12 inch split EP with Loch Lomond through Bladen County Records in November 2007. More live dates including SXSW will be announced shortly.

This EP features four new songs and follows The Builders And The Butchers debut self – titled album, which was also released through Bladen County Records. In April, the band will return to their homebase of Portland, OR and record their next album with Chris Funk of The Decemberists manning the boards.

“The original intention of the Builders and the Butchers was to make funeral music, but on the way to the cemetery something changed. Instead of heads hanging low and mournful elegies to the deceased, this local ensemble turned the funeral plot into a graveside party by way of the junkyard. Liberally grabbing from bluegrass, country, and punk—armed with just about any instrument they came across—this band has accidentally stumbled upon something incredible: a very distinctive and interactive way to create and present music.” – PORTLAND MERCURY

“Their music harkens back to a time of great wide open western coastal state expansion. There's more of a gospel/Tom Waits feel to it all though, and under the dark folk stories, there's lots of banjo, washboard and fiddle. It blends to create gothic americana-folk-rock with a little more "umph!" than your average Decemberist song.” – MY OLD KENTUCKY BLOG

Approved MP3s for posting: from the album, The Builders and The Butchers
“Black Dresses” click here
“Bottom of the Lake” click here.

From 12 inch split EP with Loch Lomond
“When It Rains” click here.
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